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Dr. Jim Angel

State Climatologist

Welcome to the State Climatologist Office for Illinois. This website contains a wide range of climate data, maps, and information on Illinois. Our office has access to more data stored offline. In addition, we do research in Illinois on past climate events, monitor current conditions, and study possible future climate change. See the About Us link for more information.

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The 2012 Drought in Illinois

Illinois experienced one of the most severe droughts in recent decades in 2012. I covered the 2012 drought extensively in my blog at . You can find out information specifically on the 2012 drought on the State Water Survey drought page and the State of Illinois Drought Response Task Force page. You can find out general information on drought in Illinois on my drought page.

In coming months a number of reports at the state and national level will be coming out.

Illinois At a Glance

Here is a quick glance of current conditions in Illinois from left to right, 1) 30-day, 2) 90-day precipitation departures, 3) 30-day, 4) 90-day temperature departures, and 5) winter snowfall departure from average. Click to enlarge. Here is the link to more maps of current conditions.

30day precipitation 90day precipitation 30day temperature 90day temparture winter snowfall

Other News

Historical Weather Records for Fort Armstrong (1820-1836)

Check out the historical records for Fort Armstrong (1820-1836) on the modern-day Rock Island Arsenal. Fort Armstrong

Climate Division Data for Illinois

You can find monthly data for temperature, precipitation, and other parameters by climate division for Illinois here.