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Publication Abstract

Additions to Public Ground-water Supplies in Illinois Hanson, Ross, 1961  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS B-40 sup.2    Full Text Available

Supplement II to Bulletin 40 contains 299 descriptive articles on public ground-water supplies in Illinois, as shown in the following table:

Of the 212 incorporated municipalities included herein, 178 were described in Bulletin 40 and are brought up to date in this Supplement. They are not counted again in the State totals (Table C). The remaining 34 are new supplies and are counted in the State totals. The subdivisions, public water districts , sanitary districts , and unincorporated places are additional to those of the same categories shown in Bulletin 40 and Supplement I, as also are the seven State parks.

There are 473 wells in service for the 299 public water systems described in Supplement II. These wells are currently producing 44.14 mgd. from three sources. The sources of water, number of wells, and amount of water pumped are shown in Table A.

Table B shows the sources of water, total number of wells in service, and total pumpage for all public supplies shown in Bulletin 40 and Supplements I and II.

Table C shows the total number of public ground-water supplies within the State, on which there are adequate, well-confirmed data in the Survey's records.

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