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GWPATH: Interactive Ground-water Flow Path Analysis Shafer, John M., 1987  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS B-69    Full Text Available
GWPATH is an interactive software package for estimating horizontal fluid pathlines and travel times in fully saturated groundwater flow domains. GWPATH was developed for the IBM PC-AT, and compatibles, microcomputing environment and takes full advantage of interactive graphical display. The code features interactive data entry, forward and reverse pathline tracking, time-related capture zone analysis, multiple pathline capture detection mechanisms, multiple configurations for pathline starting locations, and variable time stepping. GWPATH is applicable to inhomogeneous, anisotropic complex flow domains. Data requirements include definition of the ground-water flow domain configuration, a hydraulic head distribution, hydraulic conductivity, and effective porosity. Both hardcopy printable output and six-pen plotter output are generated by GWPATH.

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