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Hydrologic Design of Impounding Reservoirs in Illinois Terstriep, Michael L., Misganaw Demissie, Douglas C. Noel, and H. Vernon Knapp, 1982  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS B-67    Full Text Available
This report, an update of Illinois State Water Survey Bulletin 51 (1964), contains processed hydrologic data for use in the design of reservoirs in Illinois. Part 1 describes the data available and the analytical methods used, and provides a step-by-step example demonstrating application of the analytical methods. Part 2 presents the processed low flow data for 146 stream gaging stations in the state, in both graphical and tabular form, arranged according to 11 physiographic regions. Of the 146 stations presented, 23 had record lengths in excess of 40 years and were considered index stations. Curves of relation were developed between these stations and the 123 "short-record" or secondary stations. These curves were used to synthesize flows and extend the record of secondary stations to the same length as the index stations. For each flow record, a partial series of low flows for durations to 60 months were developed and extended to 50- or 100-year recurrence intervals depending on the length of original record. The low flow series were then subjected to a non-sequential mass analysis that provided a relationship between reservoir capacity, yield, duration, and recurrence interval. Net lake evaporation for durations to 60 months and recurrence intervals to 100 years are presented for 6 Illinois locations. A methodology is also provided to estimate loss of reservoir capacity due to sediment.

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