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Hydrologic Design of Side-channel Reservoirs in Illinois Knapp, H. Vernon, 1982  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS B-66    Full Text Available
This report provides data and methodologies for use in the hydrologic design and evaluation of side-channel reservoirs in Illinois. A side-channel reservoir is an off-stream storage impoundment into which water is pumped from a nearby stream. These types of reservoirs are seen as a viable alternative to conventional impounding reservoirs when the amount of storage required for water supply is relatively small. The data in this report include demand-storage-recurrence design graphs for 87 stream gaging stations in Illinois. These graphs are based on conceptual conditions at these stations, involving a mass analysis of the water pumped into the reservoir, withdrawals, and reservoir evaporation. The amount of water pumped into the reservoir, and hence the storage analysis, is dependent not only upon the variability of the stream low flows, but upon both the design of the pumping station and the imposition of instream flow restrictions. Procedures are presented which allow the engineer to estimate the effect of these two latter factors on the storage analysis of the reservoir.

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