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Review of Illinois Summer Precipitation Conditions Changnon, S.A., and Floyd A. Huff, 1980  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS B-64    Full Text Available
This report summarizes key findings regarding all aspects of precipitation in the convective season gleaned from 30 years of research at the Illinois State Water Survey. Examples of information that dimensionalize midwestern precipitation phenomena extracted from published papers, reports, and grant-contract studies have been included. These examples are accompanied by extensive graphs, maps, and tables to provide a useful information document pertinent to the areas of forecasting, modification of summer convective elements, or midwestern precipitation conditions in general. As an equally important purpose, the report provides listings of nearly a hundred supporting references that serve as a guide to more extensive information. The material covers general climatic aspects of the state, ranging from average annual, monthly, and daily rain distributions through severe rainstorms and droughts. More detailed information on relationships of precipitation with atmospheric moisture and various weather types, on organized storms and substorm entities, on vertical and horizontal characteristics of individual storm cells, and on external and internal cloud characteristics is also included.

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