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Summary of METROMEX, Volume 2: Causes of Precipitation Anomalies Ackerman, B., S.A. Changnon, G.L. Dzurisin, D.F. Gatz, R.C. Grosh, S.D. Hilberg, F.A. Huff, J.W. Mansell, H.T. Ochs III, M.E. Peden, P.T. Schickedanz, R.G. Semonin, and J.L. Vogel, 1978  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS B-63    Full Text Available
This is the last of two volumes presenting the major findings from the 1971-1975 METROMEX field operations at St. Louis. It presents climatological analyses of surface weather conditions, but primarily concerns those factors helping to describe the causes of the anomalies. Volume 1 covers spatial and temporal distributions of surface precipitation and severe storms, and impacts of urban-produced precipitation anomalies. Volume 2 describes relevant surface weather conditions including temperature, moisture, and winds, all influenced by the urban area. Urban influences extend well into the boundary layer affecting aerosol distributions, winds, and the thermodynamic structure, and often reach cloud base levels. Studies of modification of cloud and rain processes show urban-industrial influences on 1) initiation, local distribution, and characteristics of summer cumulus clouds; and 2) development of precipitation in clouds and the resulting surface rain entities.

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