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Summary of METROMEX, Volume 1: Weather Anomalies and Impacts Changnon, Stanley A., Jr., Floyd A. Huff, Paul T. Schickedanz, and John L. Vogel, 1977  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS B-62    Full Text Available
This is the first of two volumes presenting the major findings from the 1971-1975 METROMEX field operations at St. Louis. It focuses on final interpretations and conclusions obtained primarily through climatological-statistical analyses of spatial and temporal distributions of surface precipitation and severe storms. It addresses also the impacts related to the urban-produced precipitation anomalies. Volume 2 concerns the causes of the anomalies. Key climatic effects are increased cloudiness (+10%), increased total summer rainfall (+30%), and increased severe storm activity (+100%). These increases occur over the city and 10 to 25 miles beyond (east) the urban-industrial areas. The urban-induced anomalies occur most often with squall lines and cold fronts; they maximize in the afternoon and again at night (2100-2400); they appear to be as active in dry periods as in wet periods. Impacts include more runoff, but also more local flooding, soil erosion, silting, and water pollution. The effect of altered weather leads to a 3 to 4% average increase in local crop yields. The urban-induced anomalies are generally dis-beneficial in the floodplain area, and have mixed impacts in the rural uplands.

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