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The Illinois Urban Drainage Area Simulator, ILLUDAS Terstriep, Michael L., and John B. Stall, 1974  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS B-58    Full Text Available
This report presents an objective method for the hydrologic design of storm drainage systems in urban areas and for the evaluation of an existing system. The method, based on a digital model known as ILLUDAS, uses storm rainfall and physical basin parameters to predict storm runoff from both paved areas and grassed areas. ILLUDAS utilizes the directly connected paved area concept of the RRL method but also recognizes and reproduces runoff from grassed and nonconnected paved areas. Included are a description of the theoretical development of the model, verification of the model by its application to 21 existing urban basins (from 0.39 acres to 8.3 square miles) and 2 rural basins, and a users manual that describes in detail the actual use of ILLUDAS in design applications. ILLUDAS is available in the form of a 700-card FORTRAN IV deck. A description of the input deck in its proper order and the actual content and format for each card is presented. This model will provide consulting engineers with an objective and reliable method for urban storm drainage design that requires little more input data than a rational method solution.

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