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The 7-day 10-year Low Flows of Illinois Streams Singh, Krishan P., and John B. Stall, 1973  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS B-57    Full Text Available
The 11 separate maps provided show all the rivers and streams in Illinois. Flow values in cfs for the lowest flow expected for a 7-day period at a recurrence interval of 10 years are shown at intervals along the course of each stream. These flows are useful for calculating the in-stream dilution available for waste water effluents. The report describes the hydrologic methodology used to derive the flow values. Flow records from 266 stream gauging stations were the primary data used. Effluent waste water flow during low-flow periods was obtained for about 300 treatment plants now discharging into Illinois streams. These locations and flow amounts are shown on the maps. The hydrologic effects of natural lakes, man-made lakes, gaining streams, losing streams, navigation dams, and evaporation from the river surface are considered. The timing, or season, of the 7-day 10-year low flows is described. The special cases of the controlled waterways within the Metropolitan Sanitary District of Greater Chicago, the Illinois River, the Mississippi River, and the Ohio River are also described.

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