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Quality of Surface Water in Illinois, 1956-1966 Harmeson, Robert H., and Larson, Thurston E., 1969  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS B-54    Full Text Available

This publication provides data on surface water quality in 35 streams at 44 sampling locations during two 5-year sampling periods between 1956 and 1966. Some previously published data are included in order to make comparisons of water quality during different time periods. Radioactivity data from 41 sampling locations during 1957-1966 also are presented.

Results of statistical analyses, with graphic summaries, for temperature, turbidity, total dissolved minerals, hardness, alkalinity, nitrate, and manganese are given. Summaries of these data for each sampling location, arranged alphabetically by stream name, are accompanied by the tabulations of mineral quality for the streams sampled, with available physical data.

Also reproduced in part are rules and regulations of the Illinois Sanitary Water Board pertaining to surface water quality. The data indicate that Illinois surface waters, with but few exceptions, meet specified concentrations of mineral constituents.

The analyses of water quality by statistical means present, at best, a representative picture of stream conditions during a particular sampling period. In addition, the data assembled and analyzed can shed some identifying light on conditions which may lead to future problems.

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