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Quality of Surface Waters in Illinois Larson, Thurston E., and Bernt O. Larson, 1957  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS B-45    Full Text Available

Owing to continuously increasing needs for water and the limited available ground water in some areas of Illinois, demand for water in the future will of necessity be obtained in progressively larger amounts from surface' water resources.

This bulletin provides data on water quality in 19 streams at 21 sampling locations and at 2 locations on Crab Orchard Lake, the largest artificial lake in Illinois. Over 1200 samples have been analysed for 14 to 16 constituents in each. A tabulation of the quality determinations for each of the streams and for Crab Orchard Lake are included with temperature and flow data in the Appendix.

The water samples were analysed for all the usual mineral constituents, but not all constituents were used to compare the quality of water in the various streams for this bulletin. Probability charts were prepared to include long-term average flow, temperature, turbidity, hardness, alkalinity, total dissolved minerals, and the ratio of alkalinity to total dissolved minerals at the 23 sampling locations. Only the above characteristics were treated statistically in this bulletin because they are generally considered the best criteria of suitability for various uses.

No attempt has been made to convert the data for the purpose of indicating the quality ranges that might be expected from a reservoir. The quality of stored water is less variable and depends upon the length of time the reservoir has been in operation as well as the amount or percentage of runoff stored. An important section of this bulletin concerns a post-mortem statistical analysis and discussion to indicate the significance, and reliability of the sampling program and data.

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