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1952-1955 Illinois Drought with Special Reference to Impounding Reservoir Design Hudson, H.E., Jr., and W.J. Roberts, 1955  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS B-43    Full Text Available

A large part of central and southern Illinois experienced a severe drought beginning early in 1952. By June 1955 the drought situation had greatly improved. Water shortages occurred in the fall of 1952 as a result of rainfall deficiencies. The situation was partially relieved by abovenormal rainfall during the first three months of 1953. Rainfall deficiencies began to grow again after April 1953. By September 1953 it was apparent that the effect of the 1952 rainfall deficiency had not been fully overcome. The situation grew worse and by January 1954 there were 41 Illinois communities with serious water problems.

In January 1954 a program was set up by the Water Survey to report the drought situation monthly. Data were obtained on water supplies through visits, correspondence and telephone communications with communities affected by the drought. This program was continued until January 1955. By June 1955, all drought-connected water shortages had ended. Figure 50 shows locations of places mentioned;

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