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Hydrology of Five Illinois Water Supply Reservoirs Roberts, Wyndham J., 1948  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS B-38    Full Text Available

This report is a summary of twenty years of continuous research on runoff conducted by the State Water Survey Division on five small watersheds in Illinois. It presents a complete compilation of measurements of precipitation, discharge, storage, and pumpage of the following five Water Supply Reservoirs in Illinois: Lake Bloomington, Lake Bracken, Carbondale Reservoir, Centralia Reservoir, and West Frankfort Reservoir. See Fig. 1. It also contains the results of several special studies. These are is follows: the determination of the frequency of recurrence of peak discharges; the detention effect of the reservoir storage at Lake Bloomington on peak discharges; a progress report on the investigation of periods of low flow at Lake Bloomington to determine the frequency and seriousness of the droughts and to determine a method of obtaining accurate evaporation values for reservoirs.

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