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Anaerobic Fermentations 1939  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS B-32    Full Text Available
This bulletin presents the results of some ten years' study of the process of anaerobic fermentation as it occurs in the degradation of organic matter in nature. Though much of the work reported here has been previously published in technical journals, a considerable amount of unpublished material is included, especially on the fermentation of natural substances. All the material has been condensed and rewritten so as to present a coherent discussion of this very interesting subject. Three previous publications have been issued by this laboratory in this field, namely: "Chemical Studies on Sludge Digestion," Circular No. 8; "Studies on Two-Stage Sludge Digestion," Bulletin No. 29; and "Laboratory Studies of Sludge Digestion," Bulletin No. 30. In the earlier work the emphasis was on the anaerobic phase of waste treatment while the studies reported here stress the anaerobic production of methane. The mechanism of the fermentation of fats to CH4 and CO2 reported by Neave has been extended to carbohydrates and proteins in this report.

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