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Preliminary Data on Surface Water Resources Gerber, W.D., 1937  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS B-31    Full Text Available

The purpose of this bulletin is to make available a rather large mass of data in such a form that it can be used for the preparation of plans for future needs and growth, by water supply engineers, and others interested in the development of water resources.

The many calls for information concerning surface water supplies and the impossibility of the completion of an exhaustive survey of our State's water resources in the near future have prompted the publication of these preliminary data in this form and at the present time.

This material is arranged in three parts. Part I gives a list of 302 natural lakes with their location and area. Part II lists 210 private and public reservoirs with area, storage capacity and watershed area. Part III is a list of 587 possible reservoir sites as determined by an office study of topographic maps.

No attempt has been made to discuss these data nor to make any generalizations concerning water resources. Each part carries an introductory paragraph describing the way in which the material was collected and tabulated.

Data on chemical quality have not been included. The variation in dissolved and suspended solids content encountered in most surface waters makes an adequate treatment of this subject out of the question until a complete survey is made. Lake Decatur water for example has been known to vary as much as ten fold in hardness within a single month.

The present volume does not include any data on Lake Michigan nor any on the rivers of the State. The rivers were described in the 1914 Report of the Rivers and Lakes Commission of Illinois.

A considerable amount of information has been collected concerning -those phases of surface water resources not covered in this bulletin.

The State Water Survey is prepared to supplement these published data for communities where local water problems exist, by preparation of special reports from material on file or by making detailed field surveys.

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