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Chemical and Biological Survey of the Waters of Illinois: Report for Year Ending August 31, 1906. Bartow, Edward, 1906  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS B-3    Full Text Available

SIR: Herewith I submit a report of the work of the State Water Survey to August 31, 1906, with the request that it be printed as a Bulletin of the University of Illinois, State Water Survey Series, No. 3.

In the report is included a general description of the work of the Survey since its foundation in 1895, with a more detailed description of the work accomplished during the year ending August 31, 1906.

The development during the year to which we call attention, includes the establishment and equipment of a laboratory for the bacteriological examination of water; a co÷perative agreement between the State Water Survey and the State Board of Health, which was consumated January 1, 1906; and a co÷perative agreement between the State Water Survey, State Geological Survey, Engineering Experiment Station of the University of Illinois, and the Division of Hydrography of the United States Geological Survey, which was effective July 1, 1906, its object being to study problems of special interest to each party as shown in the contract printed in full in this report.

These co÷perative agreements coalesce all the general water investigations of the State. This enlarging and intensifying of the work of the State Water Survey must lead to more efficient study of the water problems and valuable conclusions must follow.

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