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The April 2007 Hard Freeze in Illinois: Features and Impacts. Angel, James R., 2007  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS DCS 2007-05    Full Text Available

Illinois experienced a significant hard freeze in early April 2007 that caused widespread damage, mainly the result of three factors. An abnormally warm March with temperatures 7.1F above normal, encouraged plants to break dormancy and begin rapid development. Very cold air with lows of 17-24F occurred after the passage of a strong low-pressure system in early April and a change in the atmospheric circulation pattern. Strong winds accompanied the freezing temperatures, enhancing heat loss from vegetation surfaces. The damages to certain sectors of agriculture were significant. Total losses were an estimated $146 million: $106 million (winter wheat), $12.4 million (peaches), $10 million (apples), and $18 million (alfalfa). Other damages were likely but not documented well enough to estimate dollar losses.

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