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Major Winter Storms in the Midwest during Winter 2006-2007. Changnon, Stanley A. and Kenneth E. Kunkel., 2007  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS DCS 2007-04    Full Text Available

Winter 2006-2007 brought many major winter storms across the United States. An early season, damaging winter storm struck Buffalo, New York, in October (Freedman, 2007). The first large storm in the Midwest occurred on November 30-December 1, marking the start of climatological winter, and caused more than $0.9 billion in losses and costs.

In the ensuing 3Ĺ months, 12 more major storms occurred and, amazingly, most parts of the nation experienced at least one storm. Colorado had two storms in late December; the Deep South had a major ice storm and Arizona had a record snowstorm in January. Parts of the Midwest, High Plains, and Northeast had record high snowfalls from two February storms.

Six of the 14 storms of 2006-2007 occurred in the Midwest, including three very large and very damaging storms (Figure 1-1). February storms produced 21 inches of snow in Chicago, the highest monthly total since 1929. Many of the nationís winter storm damages in 2006-2007 were concentrated in the Midwest.

The goal of this study was to provide detailed descriptions of the three extremely damaging Midwestern storms and to examine their impacts. Updated impact information allows wise planning for future storms. This study also sought to identify physical and societal conditions leading to these major snowstorms and their extreme storm damages.

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