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The 2005 Illinois Drought. Kunkel, Kenneth E (editor), James R. Angel, Stanley A. Changnon, Roger Claybrooke, Steven D. Hilberg, H. Vernon Knapp, Robert S. Larson, Michael Palecki, Robert W. Scott, Derek Winstanley., 2006  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS IEM 2006-03    Full Text Available
Dry conditions in 2005 reached a historic level of severity in some parts of Illinois and ranked as one of the three most severe droughts in Illinois in 112 years of record. The timing of the dryness during the spring and summer, when water demand and use are high, ensured substantial impacts on agriculture and other sectors. The drought also had several unusual characteristics. The drought area was long and narrow, extending from south Texas to the Great Lakes, but within the Midwest, the drought had relatively minor impacts on states other than Illinois. A record number of remnants of hurricanes and tropical storms passed through Illinois during July, August, and September, substantially ameliorating drought conditions in portions of central and southern Illinois. Crop yields were surprisingly high in parts of the state, perhaps providing evidence of increased drought resistance in modern varieties and the benefits of timely rains.

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