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Prioritizing Illinois Aquifers and Watersheds for Water Supply Planning. Wehrmann, H. Allen and H. Vernon Knapp., 2006  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS IEM 2006-04    Full Text Available
Four aquifer systems and five watersheds in Illinois are identified as most in need of attention for water supply planning and management purposes. The aquifers and watersheds are identified on the basis of limited water supply availability and substantial population and economic growth. Improved water supply planning and management of these aquifers and watersheds will help ensure current and future water demands can be met and conflicts minimized. Aquifers and watersheds are listed in order of priority regarding the potential benefit and relative urgency of water supply planning. In addition to potential planning needs for these aquifers and watersheds at regional scales, there is a need to also evaluate the adequacy of individual community water supply systems scattered throughout southern and central Illinois that likely will be susceptible to water supply shortages during a major drought.

The following aquifer systems are recommended as most in need of study and planning:

the deep bedrock aquifer system of northeastern Illinois, the sand and gravel and shallow bedrock aquifers of northeastern Illinois, the Mahomet Aquifer of east-central Illinois, and the American Bottoms of southwestern Illinois (MetroEast area),
and the following watersheds are recommended for study and planning:
the Fox River watershed, the Kaskaskia River watershed, the Sangamon River watershed, the Kishwaukee River watershed, and the Kankakee River watershed.

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