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Conceptual Models of Erosion and Sedimentation in Illinois: Vol. 1: Project Summary. Bhowmik, Nani G., Misganaw Demissie, David T. Soong, Anne Klock, Nancy R. Black, Davif L. Gross, Timothy W. Sipe, Paul G. Risser., 1987  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS ISSJR-1-1    Full Text Available

Natural processes of soil erosion and sedimentation have been drastically impacted by human activities. Topsoil is being lost from farms, stream banks are being eroded away, lakes and reservoirs are being silted, and excessive erosion and sedimentation are significantly affecting the water quality and biological productivity of lakes and streams. Actions that may be taken collectively to minimize these problems must be based on sound scientific knowledge and accurate information.

In 1982, the Illinois Department of Energy and Natural Resources allocated research funds to the Board of Natural Resources and Conservation for projects vital to the State of Illinois. This research project on the development of "Conceptual Models of Erosion and Sedimentation in Illinois" is one such project that has been sponsored by my department. Scientists and engineers from the Water Survey, Geological Survey, and Natural History Survey were involved in this multidisciplinary effort in which questions on soil erosion and sedimentation were addressed in a systematic manner. The eleven "Conceptual Models" on erosion and sedimentation, the extensive bibliography, and the summary of data gaps and research needs represent the most complete analyses that have ever been done for the State of Illinois in this subject area, and show where we should direct our efforts to solve the problems of soil erosion and sedimentation.

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