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Shallow Groundwater Quality Sampling in Kane County, October 2003. Kelly, Walton R., 2005  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS CR 2005-07    Full Text Available
Seventy-five shallow wells were sampled for water-quality analysis in Kane County in October 2003 to provide a “snapshot” of groundwater quality in these shallow aquifers and also compare water quality from different parts and aquifers of Kane County.

The quality of shallow groundwater in Kane County is generally good, especially in the western and central thirds of the county. However, the total dissolved solids (TDS) concentrations of samples from the eastern third of the county were significantly higher than elsewhere in the county. The ions of greatest concern are chloride and sulfate. Almost two-thirds of the samples from the eastern wells sampled had TDS, chloride, and/or sulfate concentrations above their drinking water standards. Road-salt runoff, vehicular exhaust, and industrial discharges are the most likely sources of these elevated solutes. Because the movement of groundwater is slow, the widespread presence of high TDS groundwater in the eastern urban corridor of Kane County suggests a fairly long history of shallow groundwater contamination. This project provides a baseline for shallow groundwater quality in Kane County.

Repeating this study at 5-year intervals, sampling as many of the same wells as possible, would help to determine water-quality changes as Kane County undergoes land-use changes. More detailed studies at more frequent intervals for particularly sensitive areas or those with rapid changes in land use also may be helpful to water resource planners.

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