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Public Ground-water Supplies in Illinois Habermeyer, G.C., 1925  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS B-21    Full Text Available
GENTLEMEN : Herewith I submit a report on the ground water resources of the State of Illinois and recommend that it be published as Bulletin No. 21.

Since the Directorsí report includes a statement of the general activities of all divisions, it has seemed advisable to discontinue the publication of an annual report of this division and to prepare instead summaries of our various investigations as they are completed. This policy was adopted with the publication of Bulletin No. 18 in May of 1922, and has been followed since that date.

A portion of this material has appeared in abstract form in annual reports published prior to 1920. That material was too meager and scattered to be of practical value. In the present collected form we believe this data will be of very considerable value to the State of Illinois.

Respectfully submitted,
A. M. BUSWELL, Chief.

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