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Guidelines for a Supplemental Hydrological and Meteorological Database for the 1993 Midwestern Flood Scott, Robert W., and H. Vernon Knapp, 1996  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS MP-178    Full Text Available

This report contains guidelines for use of a hydrological and meteorological database that has been developed for the 1993 flood in the Midwest. The emphasis is on presentation of difficult-to-access data collected largely by state agencies and, to some extent, by federal agencies across the nine-state area affected by the flood of May-August 1993, one of the most devastating floods ever to occur in the north central United States. Numerous cities located along the major rivers of the nine-state region were inundated by the high waters that broke levees and flooded lowlands, destroying homes, farms, and businesses from central Minnesota to southwestern Illinois. Precipitation recorded at raingage sites of the National Weather Service (NWS) revealed record totals for several consecutive months over wide areas of the Midwest.

This report describes the types and sources of hydrological and meteorological data that were assembled. Many sources are special meteorological and hydrological networks operated by agricultural or research agencies in various states. Some small, dense networks cover only select regions of a state, while other less dense networks cover entire states. In addition, some meteorological networks include not just precipitation, but a full array of weather observations.

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