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Ground-water/surface Water Interactions at Sand Lake, Mason County, Illinois Hlinka, Kenneth J., Andrew G. Buck, and Gary R. Clark, 1999  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS MP-187    Full Text Available

This report summarizes the investigation of Sand Lake conducted by the Illinois State Water Survey and the Office of Water Resources, both within the Department of Natural Resources. The report investigates the ground-water/surface water interactions at a local area near the City of Havana, Illinois, which cause the occurrence, persistence, and recession of Sand Lake. This investigation was accomplished through monitoring well network data collection and analysis and through the creation of a numerical ground-water flow model for the area. The report also gives practical strategies for potential mitigation of future flood impacts based on past efforts and interpretation of data collected at the study site.

Sand Lake has become a notorious natural resource feature in the Havana area. The lake, appearing intermittently, creates considerable concern regarding its projected impact throughout the area. The appearance of this shallow lake is associated with heavy rainfall seasons and flooding problems in the area. Some individuals even cite the lake as the main cause for flooding in and around the City of Havana. The objectives of this project were to study the interaction of surface and ground water through data analysis and interpretation and to assess their role in the existence, persistence, and recession of this lake; model the natural conditions; and use these tools to recommend strategies for planning and mitigation of future flooding events.

Ground-water resource information was collected from May 1995 through December 1996. Interaction between the atmospheric, surface, and subsurface realms in and around the lake were used to investigate the movement of water within the area. The analysis indicated that the regional ground-water movement is the main driving force in the existence, persistence, and recession of this lake. Sand Lake is not a cause for flooding in this area but an indicator of high ground-water elevations throughout the entire region.

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