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Post Workshop Summary, The Sino-U.S. Joint Workshop on Sediment Transport and Sediment Induced Disasters, March 15-17, 1999, Beijing, China Soong, David Ta-Wei, ed., Ben Chie Yen, ed., 2000  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS IEM 2000-01    Full Text Available
The First Sino - U.S. Joint Workshop on Sediment was organized with strong support from both the United States and China, with the intention to strengthen information exchange and cooperation on research on emerging hydro-environmental problems. The Natural Science Foundation of China has established a national key research project, Study on Mechanisms of River Sedimentation, Disasters, and Control Strategies in China, and is interested in establishing a bilateral cooperation program with the United States on sediment transport and sediment-induced disasters. A joint workshop was considered to be an effective approach for scientists and engineers from both countries to exchange knowledge and experience, to explore research and educational needs, and to initiate future collaborations. In a three-day meeting in Beijing, China, followed by a five-day field study in the Loess Plateau along the middle reach of the Yellow River, the participants exchanged information on sediment-related topics and identified opportunities for future research and cooperation. A major emphasis of the workshop was to promote direct discussions, and the workshop sessions were structured accordingly. The format worked very well and resulted in ample exchange of experiences and needs for future studies. This report presents information from the workshop and summaries of discussions from the meeting in Beijing.

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