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Velocity Distribution at Two Sites Within the Southern Basin of Lake Michigan Bhowmik, Nani G., Ta Wei Soong, Il Won Seo, and William C. Bogner, 1991  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS RI-115    Full Text Available

This report summarizes data on velocity and suspended sediment characteristics near Wilmette Harbor on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan. The report also includes analyses of velocity structure at a Lake Michigan site where 8,000-year-old tree stumps have been discovered. Data collected at the Wilmette Harbor site showed that the water normally moved in a southeasterly direction, following the shoreline. This coincides with the existence of a classical longshore current pattern. Much greater fluctuations were found at the nearshore station than at the farshore station. Suspended sediment concentrations did not show much variation over the three-day data collection period. The bed materials at the site ranged from fine to very fine sand sizes.

Data from the tree stump site, collected during a four-week period, showed at least three peaks in water temperature. The average velocity was about 2.6 centimeters per second, and the current rotated by about 360 within a period of four to five days. It appears that eddies with longitudinal diameters of several kilometers may occur at this site on a regular basis. However, no further generalized statements can be made because of the unavailability of detailed long-term velocity data for the site.

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