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Sedimentation in Quincy Bay and Potential Remedial Measures Adams, J. Rodger, Nani G. Bhowmik, William C. Bogner, and Frank S. Dillon, 1987  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS RI-108    Full Text Available

A lake sedimentation survey determined that about 72% of the volume of Quincy Bay has been filled with sediment deposits. Remaining water depths range from 0.5 foot in Long Lake and Triangle Lake to 5.6 feet in the lower main bay. Measurements of water and sediment fluxes into the bay showed that tributaries contribute 1% of the water and 8% of the sediment, the access channel contributes 52% of the water and 22% of the sediment, and flood overflows from the Mississippi River contribute 47% of the water and 70% of the sediment The average annual sediment inflow is 1,096,000 tons, of which about 245,000 tons, or 22.4%, is deposited in the bay. A number of possible remedial measures, and comments on them from interested agencies and individuals, are presented and discussed in the report. Recommended actions include: 1) rehabilitation of Triangle Lake, 2) selective dredging for boating and fish habitat, 3) implementation of soil conservation practices on tributary watersheds, and 4) further analysis of closing the access channel and diverting all but the largest floods from most of the bay area.

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