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The 1980-1981 Drought in Illinois: Causes, Dimensions, and Impacts Changnon, Stanley A., Jr., Gary L. Achtemeier, Steven D. Hilberg, H. Vernon Knapp, Robert D. Olson, Wyndham J. Roberts, and Peter G. Vinzani, 1982  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS RI-102    Full Text Available
Hydrologic, meteorological, and climatological aspects of the 1980-1981 drought in Illinois are addressed. The drought is evaluated in terms of precipitation, streamflow, lakes and reservoirs, and groundwater resources of the state. The meteorological conditions that produced the drought also are addressed. Impacts and problems resulting from the drought are discussed along with various actions taken to ameliorate the problems. Although the primary goal of the study was to quantify the drought, primarily in a physical sense, an important secondary goal was to assess the impacts and the actions employed, to derive information needed in future planning and handling of Illinois droughts. The report thus ends with a set of recommendations for coping with future droughts. The 1980-1981 drought was not one of the extreme droughts of record; however, it is important in that it was the most severe drought since those of the early 1950ís. As such, it reflects some new types of impacts on the stateís water resources due to technological, hydrological, and institutional changes since the 1950ís.

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