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Development and Evaluation of a Two-step Membrane Filter Method for Fecal Coliform Recovery in Chlorinated Sewage Effluents Lin, Shun Dar, 1978  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS RI-87    Full Text Available

A membrane filter (MF) method for fecal coliform (FC) in chlorinated wastewater effluents was developed and evaluated with 10 different types of MFs. A membrane is transferred onto M-FC agar for incubation at 44.5C for 182 hours after pre-enrichment with phenol red lactose broth and incubation at 35C for 4 hours. Results of 126 comparisons indicated that the FC recoveries by this two-step MF method were comparable to those obtained by the multiple tube (MPN) procedure. The results of comparisons of 10 MF types for FC recovery in chlorinated effluents from five plants with the two-step MF procedure were analyzed by Duncan's multiple range test. The FC recovery rates of the MFs tested can be ranked as follows: Millipore HC ~ Gelman GN-6 ~ Sartorius green > Helena Titan GH ~ Nuclepore N040 ~ Sartorius SM-137 56 ~ Schleicher & Schuell BC 07 > Johns-Manville Sterilized ~ S & S B-9 > J-M Radiation.

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