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Acute Toxicity of Residual Chlorine and Ammonia to Some Native Illinois Fish Roseboom, Donald P., and Dorothy L. Richey, 1977  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS RI-85    Full Text Available

Ninety-six hour residual chlorine bioassays were conducted on bluegill and channel catfish. In 96-hr acute toxicity studies with ammonia (NH3 -N) bass, in addition to bluegill and channel catfish, were included. The studies were performed in waters typical of most lakes and streams in midwestern states, i.e., relatively high in alkalinity and the salts of calcium and magnesium. Observations of the characteristics and reaction of the fishes to each toxicant were noted. The 96-hr median tolerance limits for residual chlorine were: from 0.18 to 0.33 mg/1 for bluegill depending on temperature and fish weight; about 0.09 mg/1 for channel catfish with temperature not a factor. For ammonia the 96-hr median tolerance limits were: from 0.40 to 1.3 mg/1 for bluegill depending on temperature and fish weight; from 0.72 mg/1 at 22 C to 1.2 mg/1 at 30C for bass and 1.5 mg/1 at 22C to 3.0 mg/1 at 28 C for channel catfish with size not a factor. For the protection of the fishes investigated, and consistent with Illinois water pollution regulations, residual chlorine should not be detectable and NH3-N should not exceed a concentration of 0.04 mg/1.

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