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Water Resources Availability, Quality, and Cost in Northeastern Illinois Schicht, Richard J., J. Rodger Adams, and John B. Stall, 1976  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS RI-83    Full Text Available
This report summarizes studies of the water resources of northeastern Illinois, a 3700–square–mile area including Cook, Du Page, Kane, McHenry, Lake, and Will Counties. Water resources consist of Lake Michigan water, surface water, and groundwater. Because the use of Lake Michigan water is limited by the U.S. Supreme Court and deep sandstone groundwater resources are being overdeveloped, future water shortages are expected. All available water resources in addition to Lake Michigan were estimated by township and compared with projected future water demands for 1980–2010 to determine the amount and location of deficits. Alternative sources to meet the specific shortages were studied and compared, where possible, by cost. Extensive water quality data also were summarized. Water shortages, depending on resource use schemes, in the area may approach 200 million gallons per day by the year 2000. Feasible plans for meeting these needs are described as a guide to allocation of Lake Michigan water and future planning for water resources.

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