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Summary Report of METROMEX Studies, 1971-1972 Editor: Huff, Floyd A., 1973  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS RI-74    Full Text Available

Metromex is a large-scale investigation of inadvertent weather modification in an urban area, sited at St. Louis. Analyses to date from 2 years of data collected in the 5-year Metromex field program are summarized in this report. It includes extensive climatological-statistical analyses of rainfall and severe weather events and partial analyses for various atmospheric studies for which data are as yet limited. The 2-year results provide evidence that rain, thunderstorms, and hail maximize at locations 10 to 15. miles downwind of the urban-industrial region. These locations had more storms that were more intense, lasted longer, and produced greater amounts of ram and hail. Results also show that the atmosphere modified by heat and various emissions in the urban area does move up to levels where it can affect clouds and that the urban-modified atmosphere acts to invigorate convective storms and to increase the efficiency of precipitation events. Data and conclusions in this 2-year report provide a variety of information on urban effects on weather not obtainable in existing literature.

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