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Hydrogeology and Groundwater Availability in Southwest McLean and Southeast Tazewell Counties. Part I: Aquifer Characterization Herzog, Beverly L., Steven D. Wilson, David R. Larson, Edward C. Smith, Timothy H. Larson, and Michael L. Greenslate, 1995  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS COOP-17    Full Text Available

The well location system used in this report uses township, range, and section for identification. The location system consists of as many as four parts: township, range, section, and coordinates within the section. Normal sections of one square mile contain eight rows of 1/8-mile squares; odd-shaped sections contain more or fewer rows or columns of squares. Each 1/8-mile square contains 10 acres and corresponds to a quarter of a quarter of a quarter section. Rows are numbered from east to west and lettered from south to north, as shown in the diagram below. The location of the well shown is identified as 23N02W10.5a. This well is at site SWS-2 (fig. 11).

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