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Agricultural Chemicals in Rural, Private Water Wells in Illinois: Recommendations for a Statewide Survey McKenna, Dennis P., Susan C. Schock, Edward Mehnert, and Susan C. Mravik, 1989  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS COOP-11    Full Text Available

The Illinois State Geological Survey and the Illinois State Water Survey have developed recommendations for the design of a statewide survey to assess the level of occurrence of agricultural chemicals (pesticides and nitrates) in rural private wells. The project is a response to the mandate of the Illinois Groundwater Protection Act to evaluate the impact of pesiticides on groundwater, particularly in rural areas where pesticides are used most intensively. This evaluation is part of an ongoing program of basic and applied groundwater research conducted by the Illinois Department of Energy and Natural Resources.

Within the last decade, groundwater contamination by agricultural chemicals has been documented throughout the United States (USEPA, 1987a). The widespread occurrence of pesticides and nitrates in groundwater together with the toxicity of many of these chemicals, even at low concentrations, have caused concern over the potential for adverse health effects from chronic exposure to pesticides and nitrates from groundwater sources of drinking water.

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