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Assessment of a Regional Aquifer in Central Illinois Burris, Charles B., Walter J. Morse, and Thomas G. Naymik, 1981  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS COOP-6    Full Text Available

This study of an important regional sand and gravel aquifer in central Illinois is part of an assessment of public groundwater supplies undertaken jointly by the Illinois State Geological Survey and State Water Survey with the support of the Division of Water Resources, Illinois Department of Transportation.

The aquifer has alleviated water problems for several communities in Macon, Christian, Montgomery, and Shelby Counties, which are located in a region with a long history of water shortages. Presently nine municipalities (Macon, Blue Mound, Assumption, Stonington, Taylorville, Palmer, Morrisonville, Harvel, and Raymond) and one industry (Hopper Paper Division, located in Taylorville) obtain all or part of their water supplies from this source. One additional village (Moweaqua) is planning to develop a supply from the aquifer soon.

This study was initiated to determine the adequacy of the aquifer both for present and anticipated future demands. The objectives were to identify the geologic and hydrologic characteristics of the aquifer and to develop a numerical model that would predict the response of the aquifer to future pumpage.

The results of the model indicate that the aquifer is capable of providing the present and future water needs of the communities presently tapping it, with the possible exception of Taylorville. If water levels at Taylorville decline as predicted, Hopper Paper Division and/or Taylorville may be required to reduce pumpage to avoid possible damage to their wells. Updating and expanding the surface water treatment at Taylorville may be a possible solution.

For the south part of the aquifer, the available data suggest that there has been no depletion of the resource due to pumpage. Historical data indicate that the most critical elements of water supply development in the south half of the aquifer are well design and maintenance. Well performance monitoring practices can determine deterioration trends and allow timely remedial actions to be taken.

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