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100 - Year Rainstorms in the Midwest: Design Characteristics Huff, Floyd A., 1993  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS C-176    Full Text Available
This document provides pertinent information on the spatial distribution characteristics of extremely heavy rainstorm events in Illinois and the Midwest. Relations were developed for those storms in which maximum rainfall at the center equaled or exceeded the point maximum experienced on the average of once in 100 years or longer. The study was limited to this group of storms because of existing needs for information on these extreme storm events in the design and operation of water control structures in small basins. It is recommended for use in conjunction with Illinois State Water Survey Bulletin 70, Bulletin 71 (Midwestern Climate Center Research Report 92-03), and Water Survey Circular 173 for runoff computations related to the design and operation of runoff control structures in small basins subject to extreme rainfall events.

Area-depth relations were derived from information obtained through operation of several dense raingage networks, detailed field surveys and analyses of severe rainstorms in Illinois, analyses of heavy rainstorms in a six-basin hydroclimatic study, and exceptional storms recorded by the climate network of the National Weather Service in Illinois. Using data and information from these sources, curves defining spatial distributions for storms of various areal extent were derived. Results are presented in a form readily adaptable for use by hydrologists or other interested users.

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