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Publication Abstract

Illinois Geographic Information System: an Index to Automated Statewide Databases Greene, Amelia V., 1990  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS C-175    Full Text Available

The Illinois Geographic Information System (GIS), which began in 1982 with one Prime minicomputer and afe wperipherals ,i scurrentl yconvertin gt oa large networked system of Unix workstations with many peripherals. This same expansion has been seen in the GIS databases. They are accessed by ause rcommunit ytha tinclude sbot hne wan dexperience dprogrammer swh orequir edetaile dknowledg eo findividua lcoverages ,a swel la sperson srequirin ginformatio no fa more general nature. This document was compiled to provide all users with information about three of the available databases: the statewide Illinois 1:500,000 coverages, the Geographic Names Information System coverages, and some very detailed archaeology coverages. The following information has been included for each coverage: coverage name and location, contact person with phone number, INFO item description and coding, mapping procedure, bibliography, and a plot to show the distribution and density of the graphic data.

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