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Automated Data Systems for Ground-water Information Schock, Susan C., Kay Mumm, Trudy K. Dahl, and C. Susie Dodd, 1990  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS C-174    Full Text Available

Data on subsurface geology, water quantity, and water quality are often collected in ground-water investigations related to wells and water supplies. Systematic collection, storage, and organization of these data are necessary as the volume and variety of records increase, so that the data will be accessible and useful. When an automated system is being planned, it is important to consider what will go into that system, the uses of the system, and the types of data outputs that will be provided. Software should be chosen to accommodate the data and the users' needs, and the hardware that runs the software should be chosen on the basis of these considerations.

Information managers must be aware of user needs and the constraints on the data. For example, when users want data for a specific location for mapping purposes and the information includes only addresses, the user may have to determine where on a 5-mile route an address is located. In anticipation of such a need, information managers may add a data element to convert addresses to points. To be successful, managers must look to the future. They must be sensitive to changes in user needs and to the constantly changing technology, such as laser disks for information storage and computer hardware advances for speed and efficiency of data retrieval.

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