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Illinois Benchmark Network Instream Suspended Sediment Monitoring Program, Water Year 1985 Davie, D. Kevin, 1989  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS C-171-85    Full Text Available

Beginning in Water Year 1981, the Illinois State Water Survey's instream suspended sediment monitoring program has provided a means for gathering data on sediment transport and sedimentation in Illinois waterways. In Water Year 1981, the program consisted of 50 stations throughout the state. However, by Water Year 1983, a series of cuts in funding had reduced the number of stations to 18. In 1983, the suspended sediment monitoring program was combined with two other Water Survey monitoring programs under the program name of the Illinois Benchmark Network (IBN). Since that time the IBN has continued to maintain suspended sediment stations statewide.

This report presents the suspended sediment data collected during Water Year 1985. This publication is a continuation of the Water Survey's Circular 171 series presenting data collected by the Illinois Benchmark Network's instream suspended sediment monitoring program.

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