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Illinois Benchmark Network Instream Suspended Sediment Monitoring Program, Water Year 1984 Davie, D. Kevin, 1988  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS C-171-84    Full Text Available

During the 1970s, the federal government began to reduce a variety of data collection programs in Illinois, including programs for the collection of important water and climate data. In 1980-1981, Illinois State Water Survey researchers assessed their current data collection programs, as well as major state water and climate issues and needs for data. They determined that systematic monitoring was needed so that data could be obtained on suspended sediments in streams and on a number of climatic conditions, including solar radiation, soil moisture, and wind.

The Water Survey therefore established two new monitoring networks: the Illinois Instream Suspended Sediment Monitoring Network and the Illinois Climate Network. Initial funding for the sediment network was provided by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, the Illinois Department of Energy and Natural Resources, and the Division of Water Resources of the Illinois Department of Transportation. Initial funding for the climate network was provided by the Illinois Department of Energy and Natural Resources.

In 1983, the Water Survey combined the suspended sediment monitoring network, the climate network, and a preexisting ground-water observation well network into the Illinois Benchmark Network (IBN). The IBN is maintained at regional offices at Batavia (northern region), Peoria (west-central region), Champaign (east-central region), and Carbondale (southern region). IBN field activities are coordinated by a supervisor located at the Water Survey Research Center, Champaign. Each regional office has a full-time staff member who is responsible for collecting data and maintaining the sampling sites that fall within that area.

An advisory board oversees this program. It is made up of individuals from different sections of the Water Survey whose interests directly relate to the different programs of the network. The advisory board is responsible for steering the data collection efforts of the IBN toward addressing the needs of major state water and climate issues.

In 1984 basic data were collected regularly at 21 ground-water observation wells, 18 suspended sediment stations, and 16 climate sites (see figure 1 and table 1). The data collected pertained to ground-water levels, suspended sediment concentrations, wind and solar conditions, temperatures, relative humidity, precipitation, and soil moisture. This report summarizes the suspended sediment data collected for Water Year 1984.

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