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Ground-water Investigations for Siting the Superconducting Super Collider in Northeastern Illinois Visocky, Adrian P., and Marcia K. Schulmeister, 1988  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS C-170    Full Text Available

The Superconducting Super Collider (SSC) study area comprises 36 townships in Kane County and portions of Cook, De Kalb, Du Page, Kendall , and Will Counties. An inventory and mass measurement of water levels in 389 private domestic wells was conducted during the summer of 1986. Potentiometric surface maps constructed from these data indicate that the general direction of ground-water movement is to the southeast and toward cones of depression resulting from subdivision pumpage in north-central Kane County. Monthly water-level measurements have been made since December 1984 at 26 individual piezometers and at nine nested piezometers. The data show that vertical head gradients of from 0.14 to 3.35 feet per foot exist between various aquifers. An analysis of water samples collected during the mass measurement and a review of water analyses from public water supply wells indicate that the ground water likely to be encountered at the SSC site is a calcium-magnesium bicarbonate. The water is moderately mineralized and would require softening for domestic uses. Ground-water use projections for the study area indicate that total pumpage from the 36 townships will be nearly 72 mgd by the year 2025.

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