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An Assessment of Nitrification in an RBC Plant Lin, Shundar, and Dana B. Shackleford, 1986  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS C-164    Full Text Available

To evaluate the nitrification efficiency in a rotating biological contactor (RBC) system, samples were collected from the wastewater treatment plant at Princeton, Illinois, twice a week for over a year. Significant nitrification occurred in stages 3 and 4. Stage 3 achieved an average soluble ammonia nitrogen (SNH3-N) removal efficiency of 40% for an influent concentration ranging from 2 to 18 mg/L with a stage loading rate of 0.4 lb SNH3-N/d/1000 sq ft. Stage 4 removed an additional 64% from the stage 3 effluent. A linear relationship was found between effluent and influent SNH3-N concentrations at stages 3 and 4. These relationships are proposed for RBC design purposes.

Significant nitrification will occur when the soluble BOD5 (SBOD5) concentration is reduced to about 15 mg/L. With favorable conditions, both SBOD5 and SNH3-N removals took place at stages 1 and 2 for some periods. Practically no nitrification occurred in stage 5 or in the secondary clarifier.

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