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Aeration - Destratification of Lake Eureka Using a Low Energy Destratifier Kothandaraman, Veerasamy, and Ralph L. Evans, 1982  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS C-155    Full Text Available

The city of Eureka in Woodford County is one of several communities in the state faced with the diminished use of city water-supply impoundments because of water quality problems. In fact, the reservoir for the Eureka community of 3,500 was abandoned in 1979 in favor of a groundwater source that has proved less than satisfactory in terms of operational problems and cost.

The function of preserving, protecting, and deriving the maximum potential benefits from impounded waters in Illinois resides in the State Water Survey Division of the Department of Energy and Natural Resources.

With this mandate, the Water Survey entered into a cooperative venture with Eureka to study their lake problems, which centered on persistent, severe taste and odor episodes. The Water Survey's successful experience in lake rehabilitation in other parts of the state indicated that the study could be helpful. Funding was provided by the Department.

The project's objective was to investigate the feasibility of improving the lake water quality by in-lake treatment techniques so that the lake water could once again be used as a raw water supply source. A low energy mechanical destratifier was operated in Lake Eureka from May 6 to October 8, 1981, in combination with periodic chemical treatment. Physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of the lake were monitored during the period. The treatment techniques were able to...

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