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Verification of the Potential Yield and Chemical Quality of the Shallow Dolomite Aquifer in DuPage County, Illinois Sasman, Robert T., Richard J. Schicht, James P. Gibb, Michael O'Hearn, Curtis R. Benson, and R. Scott Ludwigs, 1981  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS C-149    Full Text Available
Because of its responsibility for allocating the Lake Michigan water which Illinois is permitted to divert from the Great Lakes Basin, the Illinois Division of Water Resources must consider alternative sources of water available to the Chicago metropolitan region. In early 1979, the Division contracted with the Illinois State Water Survey to study the shallow dolomite aquifer in DuPage County, an important alternative source, to verify its potential yield. The plan of the investigation was to analyze the effects of continually increasing pumpage, and to identify areas of existing and potential problems and areas where additional pumpage can be developed.

In the summer of 1979, as part of this study, a detailed data collection program in the shallow dolomite was conducted over a 700-square-mile area, shown in figure 1. The area centered on DuPage County but also included parts of west and northwest Cook County, east Kane County, northeast Kendall County, and north Will County. It was bounded on the west by the Fox River and on the east and southeast by the Des Plaines River. Data obtained included pumpage from major water users and more than 1200 water level measurements. In addition, 282 water samples were collected for subsequent analysis.

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