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Assessment of Public Groundwater Supplies in Illinois Visocky, Adrian P., H. A. Wehrmann, and K. W. Kim, 1980  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS C-144    Full Text Available

Illinois aquifers furnish approximately 233 mgd of water to 677 public groundwater supplies outside the six-county area of northeastern Illinois. Groundwater is usually obtained from sand and gravel deposits in the glacial drift or from limestone or sandstone formations in the underlying bedrock. The most favorable groundwater conditions are found in the northern third and the southern tip of the state; elsewhere, major aquifers are sand and gravel deposits of the Mississippi, Illinois, buried Mahomet, Wabash, Ohio, Kaskaskia, and Embarras valleys.

A brief review was made of data and information in the State Water Survey files for each public groundwater supply, and an assessment was given as adequate, marginal, or deficient, in terms of present demands. The study indicated that 39 supplies were marginal, and four were judged deficient in meeting current demands. The majority of the marginal and deficient supplies are located in the central third of the state, but most of the supplies are located there also.

The study represents the first of a three-part plan to: 1) define problem areas and determine priorities for studies in greater detail, 2) conduct regional studies in problem areas, including test drilling, to determine how great the water resource is (how much can be pumped), and 3) determine the water resource alternatives available to public groundwater supplies that are found to be inadequate.

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