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Water Withdrawals in Illinois, 1978 Kirk, James R., Jacquelyn Jarboe, Ellis W. Sanderson, Robert T. Sasman, and Robert A. Sinclair, 1979  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS C-140    Full Text Available

This report, part of a continuing cooperative program with the U.S. Geological Survey, summarizes the results of the 1978 Illinois Water Use Inventory. The water use data are presented for the following categories: Public Water Supply (1770.9 mgd), Self-Supplied Industry (44,331.0 mgd), Rural Water Use (220.0 mgd), and Fish and Wildlife Management Areas (44.2 mgd). The data are then further categorized by county, districts, hydrologic units, and Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas.

Illinois water withdrawals during 1978 were 46,366.1 mgd, of which groundwater provided 945.7 mgd and surface water sources supplied 45,420.4 mgd. The largest user of water in Illinois is electric power generation, 92 percent of the total withdrawals. Excluding electric power withdrawals, 1978 groundwater use was 939.5 mgd and surface water use was 2915.0 mgd.

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