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Chemical Survey of the Waters of Illinois: Report for the Years 1897-1902 Palmer, Arthur William, 1903  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS B-2    Full Text Available
SIR:—Herewith I submit a report of the work of the Chemical Survey of the Water Supplies of Illinois, covering the years 1897 to 1902, inclusive. As was stated in my preliminary report, published in 1897, portions of which are incorporated in the present report, the aims of the survey include the determination of the present sanitary condition of the water supplies drawn from the lakes, the streams, and the wells of the State; the determination of the normal condition of uncontaminated waters; the formulation of local standards of purity based upon the results of analyses of water derived from unpolluted sources; the provision of such means as shall afford to citizens of the State opportunity to obtain immediate information regarding the wholesomeness of the potable waters in which they are directly interested; and in general the prevention of the development and dissemination of disease from the use of impure water.

The press of work in certain of these directions has been so great that comparatively little has been accomplished in others, and a mass of data concerning the normal condition of ground waters must be left for digestion and discussion at some future time.

The present report may be broadly divided into three parts, namely:

1. A brief consideration of the sanitary condition of the ordinary ground waters and matters relating thereto. Accompanying this there is a paper upon “The Geology of Illinois as Related to Water Supplies,” by Charles W. Rolfe, Professor of Geology in the University.

2. Results of the mineral analysis of some four hundred and sixty samples of water mainly from wells of considerable depth.

3. A report of the investigation of the surface waters of the State, relating chiefly to the Illinois River and some of its tributaries.

Most of the routine work of these investigations has been conducted by Mr. C. V. Millar, M. S., and Mr. R. W. Stark, B. S., to whom special commendation is due for the continued interest, the skill and the unfailing zeal with which they have furthered the purposes of the Survey. At various times we have further been ably assisted by Mr. F. C. Koch, M. S.; Mr. E. P. Walters, B. S.; Mr. A. D. Emmett, B. S.; and Mr. A. L. Marsh.

Respectfully submitted,

Professor of Chemistry.

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