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Measurement of Sediment Oxygen Demand Characteritics of the Upper Illinois Waterway Butts, Thomas A., 1974  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, IL,  ISWS RI-76    Full Text Available

Oxygen demand characteristics of bottom sediments for a 113-mile reach of the Upper Illinois Waterway were measured in situ at 22 locations in order to assess the effects of such demand on the dissolved oxygen resources of the overlying water. For the measurements of sediment oxygen demand (SOD), a bottom sampler was specially designed to entrap and seal a quantity of water at the river bottom. Changes in dissolved oxygen (DO) concentrations within the entrapped water were recorded by a DO probe fastened in the sampler. SOD values for 20 undisturbed bottom locations ranged from 0.56 to 5.00 grams per square meter per day (g/m2/day), and values at 2 disturbed locations were 6.45 and 8.08 g/m2 /day. The oxygen demands of sediments in many parts of the waterway are sufficiently high to impose a significant demand on the DO content of the overly ing water. In addition to SOD measurements, 172 bottom samples were collected, described in detail, and analyzed for percent organic and dried solids content. Expressions for the relationship between these percentages and the SOD rates were developed and used to estimate probable SODs at the various sampling sites. Subsequent charts of the river bed depict the ranges of SOD values useful in engineering analyses of the waste assimilative capacity of the Upper Illinois Waterway.

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